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Valerie Weber has always held herself and all she does to high standards. She attributes her success to that, and a valuable network of mentors. And her successes are many.

She is the founder and senior practitioner at Dermagrafix, the premier permanent makeup and training facility in Pennsylvania. Weber and her team offer full permanent cosmetics services; in fact Weber has created and trademarked several techniques. In the last eighteen years, she has invested what she learns back into her industry and is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve what she offers clients. Not only is Weber acknowledged as an industry leader, but she is also a speaker at some of the world’s largest beauty conventions. In addition to numerous international speaking engagements, she also teaches abroad at classes hosted by students.

“If change is needed, I go for it, because what matters is what is the best way, the most efficient way, and the proper way…It amazes me how a vision can become reality if you stay focused”

Movin' On Up

This year, that change she went for was an expansion of the facility on East Court Street.

She had been dreaming of expansion for a few years but didn’t like the idea of changing locations. “I liked where we are in Doylestown Borough, but the reality was that space was limiting us.” She thought it would be perfect if Dermagrafix could occupy the other half of the first floor of the building. “It amazes me how a vision can become reality if you stay focused,” says Weber. When the space became available, she took the leap.

The space is modern and clean; it was carefully and thoughtfully designed over several months. There are now five modern, fully equipped procedure rooms as well as two private consultation rooms.  There is a new relaxation room with zero-gravity massage chairs, aroma and light therapy. Since Dermagrafix are leaders in the industry and are often leading in education in this area, Dermagrafix has created two large classrooms accommodate 10 to 20 students as well as four additional procedure areas just for students. Also, the team that works alongside Weber now has an administrative office and break room.

That team includes four practitioners, a technical assistant, two administrative team members. Nicole Moeser and Lex Hartzell practice a variety of facial permanent cosmetic techniques like microblading, Powderfill eyebrows, Bi-fusion and 3D Nano brows, eyeliner, and eyelash enhancement tattoo, lip blushing, and full lip color tattooing. Ian Krueger specializes in scalp micropigmentation, which is a service that replicates hair follicles to conceal hair loss or trauma scars from surgery or injury. Technical assistant Daisy Martinez ensures that the procedure rooms are equipped clean and ready to go. She helps prep clients, assist when needed, and aspires to become part of the practitioners’ team. Lorri Klinger is the full-time training coordinator and handles marketing and social media.

A post shared by Valerie Weber (@dermagrafix) on

A post shared by Valerie Weber (@dermagrafix) on

The expansion only further confirms Dermagrafix’s pride in what they do and how they do it. Weber makes sure that her team operates as a unified team with a common vision. “I have seen artists hire people and treat them as if they were inferior, withholding information out of fear they might take that knowledge elsewhere,” says Weber. “I learned from many along the way, as all of us do. I want to mold my staff and push them to be their best. I want them to shine.”

The expansion and the vision behind it allows the team to now offer several additional services, including scalp micropigmentation, micro-needling, LED light therapy for skin rejuvenation and hair growth. Dermagrafix can accommodate more extensive training programs and international trainers. The facility has clients that come from all over the country to benefit from Weber and her team’s combined industry expertise.

The services provided by the team at Dermagrafix aren’t all solely cosmetic in nature. They are helpful to people who are allergic to regular makeup, as well as those dealing with hair loss due to health conditions, aging, physical impairment that limits their ability to apply makeup, and those with scarring from an injury. There are also those clients who want the convenience of permanent cosmetics in their busy daily lives.

In honor of the business’s expansion, a grand reopening event is planned for April. Stay tuned for more information.
For information on Dermagrafix and the services they provide, visit dermagrafix.net.



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