House of Coffee, Lahaska, PA

If you follow Bucks Happening, you probably already know how much I love a delicious cup of coffee.  For someone who enjoys a cup or two a day, though, I knew very little about the roasting process.  Surrounded by all of the recent focus on locally made and grown food & beverages, I began to seek a fresh locally-roasted coffee shop. Enter House of Coffee in Lahaska, PA.

Now, I know that many Bucks County residents write off Peddler's Village as a day trip location or tourist destination.  I used to think the same thing. More & more, though, I'm finding out that I was completely wrong.  Behind the shops of Peddlers Village are passionate local owners who offer tons of incentives for people to frequently stop in; House of Coffee even allows customers to call or text in orders on the way to work for gourmet drinks on the go.

When I discovered House of Coffee a few months back (a suggested meeting place by another local gem, the Doylestown Food Coop), I was floored by how amazing the coffee was (see here), so smooth & perfectly roasted.  I kept going back and each time I'd leave asking myself, “How could this taste so much better?”  Well, never one to leave a question unanswered, Bucks Happening went back to House of Coffee to find out just how exactly owner Chris Wolf turns those exotic beans into bliss.

Check it out! (warning: likely to induce a strong craving for coffee)


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