by Lauren Ray

The Mansion – a quaint manor home that’s been a notable part of Bucks County’s history – has been saved, transformed, and restored over the years. What once served as a doctor’s home and practice quickly became a highly sought after piece of Main Street New Hope property. The building has since been transformed into what we know today as The Mansion. The manor – which boasts a restaurant, 5 hotel rooms, event space, and a swimming pool – was recently adopted by two New York City businessmen turned foodies.  

Kris Tomasulo, a Yardley native and Pennsbury High School graduate, has always loved making other people happy. During his time working at hedge funds, Kris and long-time friend Joe Grande often discussed their shared passion for food. When The Mansion became available on the market, the duo seized the opportunity to make their dreams of owning a restaurant come true.

Kris and Joe knew that changes were needed to make The Mansion their own and claim their territory on Main Street. The structure itself was already rich with history and elegant architecture, but these dynamic entrepreneurs knew that it needed a facelift, both in appearance and menu offerings, in order to keep up with the evolving vibe of New Hope and the Delaware River Towns region.

Without detracting from the old-world-charm of The Mansion, Tomasulo and Grande completely revamped the aesthetic of the building. They started by adding a French Grey to the walls and incorporating details like shades of City Sexy Red and chic, modern decor. In addition, they highlighted the moulding and woodwork, restored the wood floors, updated the front porch, and upgraded the bar.

On top of all of the structural changes, the duo created an entirely new menu and brought in a new chef to provide a fresh culinary perspective on classics. For instance, instead of serving traditional French Onion Soup, the menu boasts French Onion Soup Dumplings, a hybrid of the classic comfort food and Asian cuisine. Other like-minded menu items like the Katz’ Deli Pastrami Eggrolls, served with a side of spicy Asian mustard, and scallops, served over a pumpkin risotto, inspire visitors to try new versions of their old favorites. 

This year, the new owners plan to break ground on a new backyard, which will feature seating for 100+ people; a private area to relax, wine, and dine; and even a luxury ceremony area to host intimate weddings ceremonies.

To complete the transformation and convey their modern twist to the traditional setting, a name change was in order. The Mansion has since become Royal T’s at The Mansion. Kris’ son, Royal, inspired the name change (the “T,” of course, is for owner Tomasulo!).

When asked what he loved most about owning and operating The Mansion, it came down to two words: “the people.” Born and raised in Bucks County, Kris loves when friends and family stop in for a drink or a bite to eat. Seeing these people, as well as the many regulars that come into the restaurant, with a smile on their face is the pinnacle of Kris’ role as owner. Royal T’s isn’t about stopping by for a drink and then leaving; it’s about creating a different type of dining experience in the middle of historic New Hope.

Check out what Royal T’s has to offer – stop in for a drink, a meal, and a healthy conversation. You may even find Kris greeting tables on a bustling weekend evening!

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