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Men, listen up. Frank Ventresca of Ventresca Ltd., the menswear store in Doylestown, has some tips on how you can take existing items in your wardrobe and make them holiday party appropriate.

It is like building a house. Start with the solid foundation of a nice casual suit or blazer and add a red sweater or sweater vest underneath. Choose a fine gauge knit so the sweater doesn’t add bulk to the look. If a sweater is not your look, you can also use a red polo or mock knit.

In the same vein, Ventresca says that colored socks are enjoying a huge popularity right now. “If a man is wearing a navy blue blazer, grey slacks, and a nice shoe, fun socks with a lot of red in them can really make an ensemble festive,” he explains. A cashmere scarf or a chenille cashmere blend in red also adds a pop of color to make the outfit fun and also appropriate. Christmas neck or bow ties can be added to make an outfit special for a gathering.

Another item men might want to consider adding to their winter ensembles is a suede shoe. “As long as it isn’t snowing or raining, suede is a material that brings a lot of seasonality to your wardrobe,” says Ventresca.

His first recommendation for outerwear is a timeless cashmere top coat. “It has a beautiful hand to it, and once you have it, you can wear it every fall and winter for years to come.” For men who wear a suit and tie every day, it is the perfect every day coat. For those who work in a business casual environment, it is a great option for a dress coat for special occasions.

By just adding a few items to an existing wardrobe, you can add seasonality to your wardrobe and be ready for any festive occasion, from Christmas and New Year’s Eve, to Valentine’s Day.

Give your man the gift of style this season! Stop by Ventresca Ltd.'s on Gift Card Sunday, December 21st from 11am to 3pm.




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