to do in bucks county, bucks happeningBy now, maybe you have realized that we gave a makeover.  Why the change you ask?  Well, in short, because of YOU!  After getting out there and really talking to our readers, in groups and 1 on 1, we decided to implement many of the changes everyone was asking for.

Read on to hear about all of our changes.  As always, if you have any advice, comments or questions about how we can continually improve, let us know!! Tweet us, Facebook us, or email us ([email protected]). 

Better navigation.  As you can see, you can now navigate by subject in our new handy dandy top bar.  You can read by area of Bucks County, both by town and at the higher “Lower Bucks-Central Bucks-Upper Bucks” levels, and you can read by subject matter.  We kept the search bar so that you can still search by keyword. As you can see, our link to the Bucks Happening Restaurant Guide is also now in the top navigation bar (if you haven't checked it out yet, it's awwwsome!!).


Speedy speed.  We have to thank our readers.  Because of you, we were maxing out our servers!! Thanks so much for loving BH.  We've moved “into the cloud” so that we can be lightening fast for you!

Fancy schmancy new slider.  Our new scroller has some great features.  It will stop when you scroll over a specific article.  You can navigate be the titles across the bottom, or by the arrows on the sides. Most importantly, the words are clearer!

Who we are and where you can find us. We wanted to make that clearer for everyone.  As you can see, we are on tons social media.  Come find us!!


BH TV!  We have always had this, but we have just made it a little bit easier to find!  You can also get there by clicking the YouTube logo.

Bucks County TV


About us, shopping, and media kit. Want to know more about us?  Want to buy some really awesome BH gear?  Want to advertise with BH?  All up in the top left hand corner.

bucks county


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