Check In With Your Skin

Winter is the perfect time to check in with your skin. Without the pressure of being in the summer sun, it's the ideal time for treatments like BBL, Halo, Morpheus8, and CO2 to prep your skin for summer. Most of these treatments require multiple sessions and time for full results to kick in. If you are looking to clear your complexion by summertime, you should start your treatments NOW!

We decided to check in with our influencers Jessica Jackson and Gena Jaffe. If you missed their foray into self-care you see how they got started here.

We recently caught up with them at La Chele Medical Aesthetics in Newtown to see how they are caring for their skin this winter. From Botox and BBL to Microdermabrasion and IVs, they are getting up close and personal about how to care of our skin this winter. See Jessica's daily skincare routine below.

First Impressions

From the moment Jessica walked into La Chele she felt at ease. In your consultation, the Medical Providers hey take you step- by- step through any treatment you are having, and happily answer all of your questions. Under a Medical Provider’s careful plan, the combination of medical-grade skincare along with medical-grade treatments is the perfect formula for best skincare practices. Jessica decided to take advantage of the cold winter months when she won't be at the beach or poolside to try the BBL (broad-band light) light treatment to get rid of sun spots and damage on her face and neck. She also had a routine neurotoxin treatment for a younger refreshed look and feel.

BBL is an anti-aging treatment. With this device, our Medical Providers are highly trained to assess the skin and determine appropriate settings to best treat your skin. We will focus on brown and red sun damage. We can also use BBL for anti-aging properties. BBL is a great treatment for younger and older patients, and is relatively tolerable. It’s a popular treatment with visible results. A study at Stanford showed patients to look 10 years younger than prior to treatment.

Feel Good & Look Good Too

Seasonal blues are real, and long days without sunshine can start to show on our faces. Gena decided to refresh from within with an IV hydration treatment and brighten her face with Microdermabrasion.

Whether you're looking for help to beat jet lag, an immunity boost, or a dose of Vitamin C, IV hydration drips are easy and do the trick. Gena shared that the team at La Chele helped her navigate which drip was best for her and found the whole experience to be relaxing.

In addition to her IV hydration treatment, Gena indulged in microdermabrasion. This process removes the top layer of skin which will leave your skin looking more supple and vibrant.

See Gena's daily skin care routine below.

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