So, you want to start a home improvement project.

Home improvement is big.  With entire television channels, websites, magazines and social media channels devoted to home improvement, decor and design and do-it-yourself, people have endless options when it comes to expanding, decorating & renovating.  Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies estimates a total of $383.3 billion spent by homeowners on home improvement in 2017.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

Social media has us drooling over gorgeous projects, presented as “easy DIY.”  What is often left out are the fails.  Story short: it isn't always as easy as it looks.

Don't become a #diyfail meme.

But can I trust a contractor?

Contractors may have gotten a negative reputation in the past, but the team at Milex Residential is determined to change that. Working with a general contractor to get a home improvement project or renovation completed from start to finish saves time, money, and develops relationships within the community.

“The only story you hear is about the contractor who takes a deposit and doesn’t do the work,” says Mike DeMaio, co-owner of Milex Residential. “You don’t hear about the companies like ours that are going the extra mile to make sure they do a great job.”

Milex Residential provides professional documentation to protect the client and their company from any issue that may arise to create a level of comfort. The company is an insured, licensed contractor so that if something unforeseen does happen, that insurance can guarantee that it will be taken care of.

“When you bring in a general contractor from the beginning of a project, you also get a team of licensed professionals,” says DeMaio. “A general contractor can make sure the budget is in line with the client’s wants and needs and provide a continuity of labor.”

Without a contractor to make your project top priority and provide expertise, a job could easily get sidelined for months at a time. Master bathrooms are overrated, right?

Using a general contractor affords the client several benefits. When a homeowner assumes the role of a general contractor, he or she must search for each individual professional, and when a kitchen or bathroom remodel is underway, that could mean electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and painters. By working with a general contractor like Milex Residential, homeowners actually take advantage of pricing benefits. General contractors have a roster of trustworthy plumbers and electricians.  The contractor gets better pricing, and a trustworthy contractor is able to pass that savings on to the homeowner.

Remember these 3 expert tips…

The team at Milex has some tips for people who are ready to start a project with a general contractor.

1 Exercise good judgement with internet research

Home improvement sites and social media might be a good place to start for inspiration, but often leave out the “nitty gritty.” Round out your research by talking to friends and family who have been through it, suggests Milex Residential co-owner Steve Bohn.  People who have gone through it can give the homeowner a feel for what the possibilities are for the job they want done and the pricing that goes along with it.

“Prices vary greatly around the country, ” says Bohn, “so you don’t know if you are getting a price from around here, or somewhere in California, where the cost of living is much higher and might be twice as much.” He points out that Milex can tell clients within 10 to 15 percent what the job will cost, including overhead and fee. For Milex, overhead and fee are a fixed percentage for every job they do, regardless of the job and the client. That is one way they distinguish themselves from other companies.

2 Go into your project with a realistic budget

Going into a project with a budget will help you make responsible choices and think about the big picture.  Milex heavily recommends taking advantage of offers for free consultations.  “Clients don’t have to disclose their budget to us,” assures DeMaio, “but if they do, we can give them a better idea of what can be done for the money they can spend.”  If you are savvy, go one step further and evaluate whether the project drives the most value for your home, and whether you are over-spending for your market.

3 Don't be afraid to speak up.

If you take on a home improvement project, then be prepared to speak your mind.  Your contractor can only take the lead from you with a clear idea of your ideas, desires and direction.   “We know what things cost,” says DeMaio. “Maybe clients want everything redone, from the basement to the bedroom, new kitchen, everything. We can help them get organized and prioritize, fill in cost details, and help them figure out where to start.” No matter the scope of the project, the Milex team is prepared to show clients the price so there are no surprises.

“We want the homeowner to feel good about the work we do,” says Bohn. “Our goal is not to finish a job and never see people again. We want to work locally in Bucks County because this is where we live.”

The Milex team takes special care to foster a special relationship with each client,  building a community of trust between their company and the clients they serve. Fun fact: Milex obtains nearly 100% of their business through referrals.

Be this.

Not this.

Reach out to Milex anytime for a free expert consultation- Call (215) 245-1685




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