Something is bubbling among women today. Women crave honest stories that entertain, motivate and move them. Women want reinforcement that they are not alone in feeling the way that they do and that they can feel good about their prospects. Stories and Strategies for Women is a new podcast that shares riveting stories about amazing women in interview format.

Podcast host, Claudine Wolk is familiar with a good story. She co-hosts a daytime talk show on WDVR radio in NJ, 89.7 FM titled, Let’s Talk! Years of interviews have yielded amazing stories and Wolk enjoys getting the juice for her listeners.


“A juicy story is more than entertainment,” says Claudine Wolk, host of the Stories and Strategies for Women podcast.  “It can motivate and inspire action.”

A good story can be just the thing that a woman needs to pivot and make a change. A good story might convince a woman that she is fine where she is and to stay steady on the course. Either way, the listener will draw the lesson that is right for them at their time and place in life.

Women are interested in many topics and this podcast covers many of them: self-care, beauty, entrepreneurism, mental health, romantic relationships, parenting, mom issues, women in history, true crime, cultural issues, and other hot topics. Wolk loves to interview authors as well. She leads the way through interview questions that showcase her special skill to share the story behind the story. Her After Juice episodes are particularly popular where she squeezes a bit harder on each ripe podcast to give listeners “the after juice.” Or She squeezes a bit harder on each ripe podcast to give listeners that behind the scenes insight with her wildly popular After Juice episodes.

A good story, well-told is powerful. Stories and Strategies For Women is available now wherever you listen to podcasts (Spotify, iTunes, etc) or you can find episodes on Wolk’s website,

Claudine Wolk is a radio personality and co-host of Let’s Talk! on WDVR, 89.7 FM in Sergeantsville, NJ. She is also the author of a book for moms titled It Gets Easier and Other Lies We Tell New Mothers, which has affectionately been dubbed the “perfect baby shower gift.” The book has been translated in two countries and proves that motherhood is a topic that resonates around the globe. She is a speaker and columnist who loves talking to people and learning their stories. She lives with her husband in Bucks County, PA.

You can find the Stories and Strategies for Women podcast on all major platforms.

Listen to Claudine Wolk interview Angela Giovine, Founder of Happenings Media, on the Stories and Strategies for Women podcast:

Stories and Strategies for Women Podcast

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