Happening Women In March: Pam Gifford

Throughout the month of March, we are highlighting some of Buck County’s most Happening Women.  This week’s featured Happening Woman is Pam Gifford.  She co-owns Holland Floor Covering in Newtown.  It’s a family-owned flooring company specializing in hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate, and vinyl finishes.  We recently sat down with Pam to talk with her about her business and her inspirations.


BH: What women have inspired you in your life?

PG: Primarily my mother.  She is the family monarch and the driving force of the the business that she started with my father.


BH: That is really cool.  Is she the reason you wanted to join the family business?

PG: Well, I really admired my mother’s ambition and drive.  I saw her have a lot of success with what she was doing.  It was a natural transition for me to follow in her footsteps.


BH: So how did you initially get involved with Holland Floor Covering?

PG: I was diagnosed with MS and was pregnant with my first child and being in the family business was the best place for me to be and the business also needed my accounting background.



BH: It’s great that you had such a good opportunity emerge for you in that difficult time.  What other challenges have you faced as a woman who runs a business, and how have you dealt with those situations?

PG: It’s been challenging, at times, for me to be taken seriously.  I’ve learned to trust my own judgement in those situations.  I no longer waiver with things like negotiations, product analysis, sales, or finance because I am confident in my expertise.


BH: What do you enjoy most about owning Holland Floor Covering?

PG: Holland Floor Covering feels like one big extended-family to me.  We care a lot about each other.  Additionally, we enjoy being able to make a difference in our community.  We try to sponsor and participate in as many local events as we can.


BH: Excellent, that’s so important, especially in a small community like Newtown.  What advice would you give to other women who want to start their own business?

PG: I would say: don’t let the pitfalls knock you down or stand in your way.  Have your goals in mind.  Create your own path and follow it.


BH: How inspiring!  What sort of long-term impact do you hope to make on your community?

PG: I really want to set a good example as a woman in business.  Ultimately I want to be an encouragement my children and others.


BH: Pam, thank you for speaking with us today!

PG: You’re welcome.



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