On May 19, 2013, photographer Thom Shortt will be showing his work in support of a cause that couldn’t be nearer and dearer to one’s heart. The solo photography show, hosted by Teddy Frank-Shivak, of Teddy Frank Studio & Gallery in Holicong, will showcase Shortt’s nature photography in support of Meghan’s Foundation, an organization helping people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through yoga and meditation, and a foundation started after Shortt and his wife, Maureen, unexpectedly lost their daughter, Meghan.

Shortt was always drawn to art, even receiving an art scholarship after high school, but Vietnam and family obligations sidelined his art education until later in life. Now, his love of art has a deeper meaning; it has helped him heal through the grief process. “I see the beauty of my daughter in all of nature,” he says. “And it brings me peace.”

The showing, held at the Little Barn Antiques & Art above Black-Eye Susan Fine Interior Design at 5222 York Road, will feature an entire wall of Shortt’s photography in an exhibit entitled “Solace.” Frank-Shivak says the painting are all appropriate for this time of year, featuring ponds with grasses, photographs from Cape Cod, schooners, and long lanes with fences.



“Every one of my pictures takes me to a different place, a different time in life. I can place myself in my pictures and each elicits a story, a different feeling and emotion,” Shortt says. “That is my hope for all who view my photography.”

Frank-Shivak, an artist herself, formed a deep bond with the Shortts after suffering the loss of her own son, and she is excited to be featuring Shortt’s photography and supporting a wonderful cause. She says, “It’s a win-win-win as far as I’m concerned. It’s good for the artist, it’s good for the cause and it’s good for me.”

“Photography is a vehicle I use for communicating and connecting with nature through my lens, and with others through a message of my work,” Shortt explains. “I hope that seeing my pictures will evoke a feeling, a passion, a comfort or a story for the viewer.”

The showing will be held from 1p.m. to 3p.m, and there will be an opportunity to meet Shortt during the showing. All proceeds from photography sales will go to Meghan's Foundation, and a portion of that purchase will be tax deductable. Frank-Shivak says there will be “a little bit of nosh and a little bit of wine.”

And a lot of great photography for a great cause.

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