Happening Home Tip: Winterizing Your Home

With fall rapidly approaching, we’re just a few short months away from Mother Nature’s winter wrath. Did you know that the average home owner wastes up to $750 per year in energy costs? Now is the perfect time to ensure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible to withstand a potentially cruel winter in Bucks County.

Below are some tips on how to use less and lose less this winter:

  • Leaks: Most homeowners are all too familiar with leaky windows and doors, but very few know that the majority of the unwanted air leakage in a home actually occurs in floors, walls and ceilings (31%). During the winter, air leakage in your attic floor allows hot air to escape. This causes a vacuum effect – pulling cold, outside, air in through gaps and cracks in your basement, crawl space and first floor. Caulking even the smallest visible gaps wherever exterior air would be able to enter your home is an easy way to save energy and money. And look for spider webs!  Spiders make their webs where insects enter your home. They are a great indicator of air leaks that you may not be able to see with your naked eye.
  • Lighting: Energy-efficient lighting offers great energy savings and long-term financial rewards. Consider switching out your five most used incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient LEDs or CFLs. Also, be sure to turn off lights when you aren’t in the room, and put outside lights on timers or photo-sensors so they go automatically off in the morning.
  • Insulation: ENERGY STAR and the U.S. Department of Energy recommend specific levels of insulation for those areas of your home that border unconditioned spaces or spaces you don’t heat/cool, such as your attic, basement, and garage. Bucks County sits between a Zone 4 and a Zone 5, with a recommended 13 to 17 inches of GlassWool attic insulation. Properly sealing and insulating your attic can be one of the best first steps toward bringing your home comfort and savings.

If your home isn’t ready to stand up to the tests of Mother Nature this winter, consider a FREE Bucks County home energy assessment to learn exactly where your home is wasting energy and gain prioritized energy-saving recommendations from trained building analysts. Contact Mark Group, 4613 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19112, at 215-334-5273.


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